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recovering tonight after what's been described as a minor stroke. i talked to a spokesperson at the restaurant and he is okay, even though he is 73 is old and he suffered a heart attack back in 1988 he made a quick recovery in a matter of a week and since then he has been doing good aside
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from issues with his hip. he said he feels fine and coach ditka, says it's not that big of a deal. balboa bears receiver brandon marshall is tweeting it get well " ditcoach didtka. and we got this text message from meier romijn emanuel who said that he is chicago's coach. an exit chicago cop sentenced to eight years in prison and convicted of driving drunk and causing a fiery crash that killed two young men.
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>> two boys, to lives taken where's the justice in that? >> maria velez is outraged she says that the eight year sentence for a former police detective is a gross injustice and she breaks down after talking to reporters. her only son just 21 years of age and his friend andrew 23 were killed by a drunk caught in april of 2009 they were rare ended on the dan ryan expressway and the car burst into flames, the cop fled the scene of running across the freeway and when police finally arrested him hours later his blood alcohol limit was three times over the legal limit, in tears before the
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sentencing he apologized but the victims' relatives are not convinced. >> i know he didn't do this intentionally but if he truly showed remorse he would have shown it from the beginning. but tonight there are new revelations about his driving record in court to nate and illinois police lt. testified that he smelled him on his breath back in 2005 after he reread it another car on the dan ryan expressway but before police could do a sobriety test an ambulance pulled up and took him to the hospital, the police lieutenant told the judge today that when he went to the hospital he learned that he had left refusing treatment the traffic citation weeks later against a mysteriously were dismissed and months before the fatal accident chicago police testified tonight that he t- bonds' their squad car in bridgeport and a high rate of
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speed but once again, no charges. >> this is corruption at its best >> at the criminal courts building wgn news. >> drew peterson asked a judge to throw out his conviction for the murder of his third wife kathleen savio. the appeal sites ineffective legal counsel at his trial and one of his lawyers was accused of incompetence and could be called to testify in the trial his date was originally set for january 10th but the judge postponed it given both sides time to file new motions. the cia director set to testify in front of the house intelligence committee today about the attack that killed four americans in benghazi. the
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hearings were closed doors so all's we know is what we're hearing from lawmakers and the impact of his testimony depends on who you ask congressman gutierrez who was on the inside said that what detritus said today was pretty consistent with what he told congress in the days following the attacks that claimed four american lives including ambassador chris stevens. >> it is clear that for some people the election is not over and they want to continue to mince words about what he said or did not say. >> chicago congressman luis gutierrez was inside of a closed door hearing on capitol hill today, the former cia director testified that the deadly september 11th attack was an act of terrorism
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and he knew that early on. >> i was at the hearing and i do not understand how people on the one hand can call general portray as a hero, a great american, and hon. soldier in on the other hand basically walk out of the hearing and say he's changing his mind and calling him a liar. some republicans have called for a watergate style into the investigation into what happened in benghazi's saying that the obama administration did not want to admit that this was a terrorist attack carried out by al-qaeda. this is truly a failure of intelligence. >> the prepared on classified talking points not mentioning the role allocated groups may
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have played to avoid compromising intelligence sources, democrats say that u.n. ambassadors should not be blamed for using those points in interviews in the days following the attack. gutierrez says the explanation is simple, the story changed as more information was gathered. in libya you pick up iphone, you call for people and they show up with four trucks ready to take over the embassy, it doesn't take a lot of coordinated effort i saw the film and this was not. lawmakers did not press the former cia director on the extra marital affairs. but he did say that the libyan attacks had nothing to do with his resignation. mayor emanuel got a
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face time today with the president at the white house he met with the president about 10 this morning in the oval office its familiar territory for the mayor who used to be the president's chief of staff. no more hostess cupcakes or twinkies and no more jobs for 18,000 workers we have news that the hostess company apparently is going out of business and its prompted a run on many of this snack cakes. hostess at its stores around the country are quickly selling out of just about everything, thousands of loyal customers want to make sure they get their hands on what might be a last of their favorite treats. are you
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sad that they're closing down? >> i am. >> customers we spoke with say they're not happy about today's news. >> been around for a long time. i stock up on a little bit of everything for the kids. at the host is planted in a nearby schiller park that also went to chicago workers made their last batch of treats this morning then they gathered outside in solidarity after they got the bad news. everyone's going to lose their job over this, we don't like it but there's nothing we can do about it. >> workers say they're disappointed at the same time they say was the only option. there have been a lot of benefits that were cut and we cannot go on with this situation
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so we have to take a stand. at the end of the day he made the right decision we have been ran over looked over into this respected. and this respectedthisdisrespected. >> he would be rolling over in his grave right now if he knew what happened look at the good side billions and billions were sold. >> it's a bittersweet day for relatives of james alexander the man who invented the twinkie in
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1930 passed away in 1985 after a successful career from his creamy creation, his grandson had been tracking the hostess labor standoff feeling protective over the family 20 ties given the situation in the health conscious culture he was not surprised by the hostess announcement this morning. it's a business so they have to make money on it which it sure did it's not easy nowadays with the sugar and everything else in there. but in this family 27 always been part of the diets him and his wife raised four children here in chicago and his invention of a cream filled sponge cake provided a comfortable life he can alba blockbuster while working at the continental baking co. in schiller park but the catchy name didn't come to him until later. on a business trip they flew in to st. louis and were
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driving down the street in st. louis and he sought a sign that said twinkle toe shoes and he said twinkies. he says it will be a sad day of the hostess company completely phase it out taking the 20 with it. i'm glad he is not here to see that day this is part of american life for the last 60-70 years the 20, good or bad it's part of the american life. >> another day of violence in the middle east and tonight people in this strip into israel on high alert after they attacked the holy city for the first time in 40 years. and they plan to keep the nation from going off of the fiscal cliff and one year off of thetom skilling
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says we could get even warmer by thanksgiving.
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this was the first palestinian rocket to get near a loose aroundjerusalem since 1970. three israelis have died. the international atomic energy agency says in a report to the country is ready to double the output at a facility that enriches uranium this plant is buried deep under a mountain inside of a military base in iranian leaders insisted that the program is more peaceful. two people remain missing and several others are badly injured after an oil platform in the gulf of mexico oil exploded this morning, they were welding a pipe when fire ignited 11 workers or injured and four
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suffered severe burns and were airlifted to new orleans the coast guard said there appeared to be little risk of any major oils billings like the one that ruptured the bp well in 2008. this oil platform was operated by black elk energy. president barack obama in the republican and democratic lawmakers expressed confidence they can avoid the so-called fiscal cliff this worst-case scenario means that tax hikes would automatically go into effect by the end of the year of the deal isn't reached the party leaders met at the white house for about one hour, president barack obama and house speaker john painter didn't try to work out their differences over taxes bigger wants to keep the rates the same for all income brackets while the president wants to raise taxes on the wealthy and there wasn't a detailed discussion on cutting entitlement programs. >> i el 1 de framework of the deals with reforming our tax
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code and reforming our spending. >> we feel we understand what the problem is and i feel very good about what we are able to talk about we have the cornerstones of working something out we both will have to give up some of the things that we know our problem. >> harry reid is saying that negotiators will work through the thanksgiving break to find an agreement nancy pelosi calls for setting a deadline on christmas. metro will be raising fares once again, how much tickets will cost one year after they had already raised them and let the winter games begin a sign of the seasons the mccormick tribune ice rink at mi o [ female announcer ]
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one year after mantras biggest fare hike and for the transit agency voted to raise fares again the board approved not unanimously to boost the price of their popular tickets the increase will range from 275 at oftwo $9 -$9 the increase is expected to go into effect february 1st. cardinal francis george presiding over mass today remembering the deceased bishops
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priest and the deacons of the archdiocese. in the annual mass at the cathedral which remembers those who have died during the past year it's also the 16th anniversary of the death of the predecessor he continues his chemotherapy after it was learned in august that cancerous cells were found on his liver and kidney. the entrance of the northbound lane at lake shore drive at michigan hopes to reopen today in time for the rush the almost $2 million project caused major backups on michigan avenue. this was the first serious repair work done for the viaduct since it was originally built in 1963, white parents may be to blame for a child's fear of the dentist. and
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why people magazine teacher of the year and the twilight saga comes to an end fans are already flocking to theaters to check it out.
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figuring out of fear of the dentist, it turns out our parents tell lust to be afraid in the form of a unemotional transmission according to the international journal of pediatric dentistry dads are the biggest determinant of dental fear people pay more attention to the emotional reaction of fathers and if they display fear is imbedded in the child for life. swimmers are smarter according to new zealand study children who learn to swim and a
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young age reach other developmental milestones earlier than the norm this comes from examining 7000 children younger than five. and finally if you are resilience you may not need madison if you pop a placebo you may feel better, sugar pills work better on people who consider themselves to be tough a study in a narrow psychopharmacology is the first to establish a link between personality traits and pain relief people who are resilient and strong minded have different brain chemicals that help them counteract paid when they thought they were getting medication even though they were given fake painkillers authors say that brazilians breeds natural painkillers. tom skilling says we could see the warmest thanksgiving in more than one decade.
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more bad news for folks on the east coast. this is a nor'easter situation that could continue through thanksgiving they come from st. augustine florida. it has actually engulfed the whole beach by the way that is a mannequin, not a real human
9:30 pm
being. it was just laying there on the beach and you can see the erosion that has occurred out there. we will keep you informed on that situation in the east coast and also the big storms headed for the pacific northwest we have a beautiful pattern shaping up in what may be the warmest thanksgiving and over 14 years. this hazes thickening up into a fog around the metro area we hope not so much that you will be able to see the meteor showers take place later tonight. look at the
9:31 pm
visibility up in waukegan and kenosha. we have visibility reduced at barlick and ms. kalb. here are the temperatures. we are almost matching these ups of the humidity's are taking off tonight. look how many weather stations report virtually no wind so it perfect setup for fog tonight. that high pressure will lead to these continued wins in the east coast. we're on the
9:32 pm
precedents of additional fund development after the first day to produce a 50 degree temperature and and above normal reading. this is how much temperatures will be above the average high and low each day these are really unseasonable for this time of year there have only been ninth thanksgiving in 140 years that have had 60 degree temperatures. arctic air is pulling back into canada and even this area covered by snow has been decreasing dramatically. we're down to 17 percent of the u.s. under snow. we had about one-third of the country covered with snow
9:33 pm
earlier in the week. so we're pushing the arctic air back up into canada. none of the twenties or teens or sub zero readings that were up in canada today, we're told that the yukon river has frozen over for the first time this season as winter takes hold up there. and the cold air denoted in the blue and white is gone for the rest of this week, here is the forecast on monday. that's pretty nice. in the meantime here is the trouble scenario on the east coast. look how open we are in
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this three day rain forecast. heavy snow in the mountains we are talking about five-6 ft. of snow in british columbia and canada and the pacific northwest. you will be scraping frost out if your car is outside i suspect in many locations tomorrow morning mostly sunny tomorrow, mild and pc. fair hazy and chile tomorrow night and of winds that there probably will not be fog. partly sunny casey and mild sunday with a high of 56 with south wins at 4-
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13 mi. per hour, that's not a bad forecast for this time of year the bottom drops out tomorrow and next weekend but it will be nice for thanksgiving weekend. he is a big hit in the classroom and now he's caught the eye of one of the most popular magazines, a local teacher getting nationwide acclaim. and the final installment of twilight is out and already been raking in big bucks. we will see how the review goes. [ snoring ] ♪ ♪ [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] introducing zzzquil sleep-aid. [ snoring ] [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] it's not for colds it's not for pain, it's just for sleep. [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] because sleep is a beautiful thing. [ birds chirping ] introducing zzzquil the non-habit forming sleep-aid from the makers of nyquil. ♪ ♪
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this holiday... at kmart. >> breaking don part to the movie is the fifth in the vampire series expected to take in more money than the previous four in the opening weeks. it raked in 30 million and it will no doubt be the moneymaker in theaters this weekend. it could make a box office history. the new york post is reporting oprah winfrey submitted on-line filings to submit to oprah's
9:39 pm
organics at harvest for food items including salad dressing sauces and dressings as well as a line of beauty products, and oprah spokeswoman says the trademark has been filed for oprah's farm on maui all welling heard to grow and distributes produce there. allowing her to grow and distribute food there. >> his band classis are not always on a key. and they may not always have perfect pitch.
9:40 pm
>> watch me while we do this... >> but they cannot wait to get to his class. we can just go in and play music on interrupted for one hour. he is really cool. he grew up not far from humble park. we definitely come from similar situations in similar stories and that want to be there to give them hope and inspiration. seeing him and being able to do so much i know i can do it too. unorthodox without a doubt. especially when it comes to discipline i am passionate to see them succeed and i talked to my students the same way that i talked to my children it's hard for me to differentiate between the two for students like jonathan
9:41 pm
romero it strikes a chord. my neighborhood is in the greatest so there's a lot of opportunity that leaves you towards a-so with his class teaching discipline and responsibility it helps me stay away from the long path. she says what she has learned in his class has changed her life. i used to be not the best but mr. vega, he has pushed me in every way possible. we want to work on good sound... >> as the program one-man band he oversees 350 students and sometimes has a 60-70 kids in the classroom at a time. he requires a lot from them but he
9:42 pm
gives a lot back. i wanted to make sure that at least every student has the opportunity to take some type of art. his exposure to music and the arts to his parents to move their child out of humble park after a frightening incident. one morning my father woke up early to go to work and somebody threw a dead body out in our front yard and my parents said enough is enough my sister was in kindergarten at the time and my parents decided to move me to indiana where they have these programs, they have music programs they have every single type of art and i feel that it's unfair first off that they did not provide these type of all bids for students when i was growing up. this single father of two still lives in indiana commuting every day with his
9:43 pm
kids who go to school a few blocks from here. i am here early in the morning, i drop my kids off at school i'm here by 735 and by the time i get here i have the least one dozen students waiting for the door before i open it up. his dedication and inspiration caught the eye of teacher magazine. i am so happy that it has happened to our school and i'm hoping that the honeymoon doesn't end. he was one of five recipients to that war for winning the award and he still getshe.
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who needs below freezing temperatures? let's go ice skating thanks to the engineering wonders of the world's the millennium park ice
9:47 pm
rink is now open. it draws more than 100,000 skiers annually. the best part is it's free and open to the public. it will remain open through mid march. we really do have some nice weather coming up it's going to be mild there could be some fog tonight we are in the middle of a high pressure centered it will get stronger and go off of the maritime provinces in canada.
9:48 pm
the river is included in this coastal flood advisory. those folks are getting ready for quite a blow to. low-cal pact this is and how the showers here right off the coast coming onshore from time to time. you can see what the road in situation is so far imagine this is going on through thanksgiving which is when they have it in the meantime look at this about ready to hit the west coast the yellow areas are areas of four dead -8 in. of rain. there will be big snows up in the mountains appear to so what goes on their
9:49 pm
own is that the mountain is straining out and we are left with mild oceanic air left over from that flow. then the sun back out wednesday and thursday and if that pattern holds it's enough to push us into the '60s he is without a starting quarterback but not without a sense of humor when brandon marshall had the last laugh today. and highlights from the fighting irish.
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again the bears public relations staff informed the media that check out our had been declared out of monday night's game in san francisco. he suffered back concussion on monday night. he is a proven starter and had an 84 rating starting six games last year before he got hurt. he is ready to step in. >> you definitely don't want to see anybody get hurt or injured.
9:54 pm
it feels good to have the opportunity to get back in there and play. but you never want to do that because of someone's injury. our life, our health, is more important than football. so i think we will get jays back sooner than later and in the meantime we have campbell who is more than capable of moving the ball and leading our offense. to get to the next level you have to get to a first so this is a special opportunity for us we understand it we're giving them the opportunity to be in a
9:55 pm
championship game but the senior class has done a lot and hopefully we can send them off with a big! because we are sending them off pretty hard. notre dame hoopsters need time in brooklyn to face st. joseph tonight. he nails up the irish leading in the second half now by a score of 42-39. he comes up big here on the block in new mexico it is down by 14 and the ball goes down the other end. he nails it down there for the flame. new mexico came up to
9:56 pm
rapid up late alex kirk is there in the new mexico. later on he explained that color likes to roll out more. that is the news
9:57 pm
for this friday night and we are happy that you shared your time with us. it's
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